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Super ImmuniTEA

Super ImmuniTEA

5.2 oz

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When the body begins to feel the onset of sickness, immunity-boosting herbs offer a natural remedy to quickly combat infections and viruses that cause internal pain, inflammation, and other symptoms.   Tasters noticing the embodied burgundy coloring may be quickly surprised by the spicy flavoring.  (Add honey or lemon if desired.)  Make a pitcher of ImmuniTEA and drink one cup twice to three times daily or take sips throughout the day.   

5-ounce bag. 

Ingredients:  Organic rose hips, dried elderberry, echinacea leaves, ginger root, and cinnamon chips. 

Preparation:  Infuse two tablespoons per cup of boiling water for 15 to 20 minutes. Steep for 15 minutes, drink hot or cold, twice to three times daily, or sip throughout the day.   If making a batch, consume it within three days.  


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