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Schisandra, the Five-Flavored Berry, Tincture, a Woman's Hallelujah

Schisandra, the Five-Flavored Berry, Tincture, a Woman's Hallelujah

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Schisandra is a vine producing a berry with five complex flavors- salty, sweet, spicy, sour and bitter.  As an adaptogen, this berry contains immune-enhancing properties.  Woman, whether directly eating the berry, or consuming the nutrients in a tincture or tea, discover it treats coughs, shortness of breathe, impotency, stress, tiredness, allergies, and improves circulation, chronic gastritis, and dysentery.  Additionally, Schisandra berries soothe menopausal systems, whether it's the libido, night sweats or hot flashes. 

WHAT IS A TINCTURE? An herbal tincture is a long-lasting and effective form of extracting the whole plant's medicinal properties. The formula combines alcohol, distilled water, and sometimes vegetable glycerin. The result is potent and fast-acting. By adding the recommended drops of tincture to a liquid, diluting removes the weak or absent taste of alcohol.

DIRECTIONS:  The two-ounce dropper bottle should last one month.  Consider taking the tincture before bed, allowing the herb to aid in the healing process.  All KL Landing's therapy tinctures are potent; therefore, it is recommended to dilute the drops in a cup of water.   Like all supplements, consistency will ensure overall and improved health!

INGREDIENTS:  Schisandra berry, vodka, distilled water  1:4 (75% alcohol, 25% water)

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