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Motherwort Extraction- Beneficial for Easing Menopause

Motherwort Extraction- Beneficial for Easing Menopause

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The perfect herb to treat a woman's emotional heart. Ironically, motherwort's active compound is "Leonurus cardiac," which translates to lion-hearted, offering strength and courage to lean on whether for a teen, young adult, pre or post-menopausal. Motherwort can reduce the pain and inflammation due to menstrual cramps, or be a solution for the onset of hot flashes. Drops taken before bed have a cooling effect, enabling the body to sleep rather than succumb to night sweats. As a nervine, the herb eases mood swings, balancing hormones, and creating a pathway to calm. Additionally, this extraction has a cardiotonic nervine classification, implying it benefits the physical heart by slowing down the heart rate and reducing blood pressure levels, especially if paired with Hawthorn as a synergy!

Tinctures are potent, extractions are infused for over eight weeks; therefore, please follow the directions for consuming drops.

RECOMMENDATION: Motherwort is most effective if taken consistently from ovulation to menstruation, during the final two weeks of a regular cycle.

TINCTURE FORMULA: 1:5 50% Alcohol, 50% Distilled Water

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