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KL Landing Garden and Apiary

KL Landing's EGGS

KL Landing's EGGS

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Chicken-people tend to brag about their flock like most people discuss their four-legged pets.  Our chickens with names, such as Floppy, Greybeard, Tweety, Hawk, and the Commander leave the walk-in coop by sunrise, venturing to peck and scratch beyond their yard.  In groups, our chickens visit us upon departure in the morning while making the most of their meanderings eating crickets, beetles, and other creepy crawlers.  The eggs range in color, dark to light brown and white; then, we have the "Easter eggers," offering blues, greens, and pinks depending on the type of hen.  Although the egg yolk will be orange in color, the size will range from Jumbo to medium.  We love our hens; as a result of various herbs and sunflower seeds mixed-in with their feed, including scratch grain, you, too, will love our eggs, especially if you engage in baking.


Tip:  If you see Lisa or Kevin frequently, ask in advance how many dozen we have on hand.  (I promise the website numbers will not be correct.) It's a first come, first serve basis; therefore, if you need two or five dozen by the weekend, most likely, KL Landing can help you!


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