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Hot Flash, Acute, Tea

Hot Flash, Acute, Tea

2.8 oz

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Although the arrival of bodily heat is a natural way to control internal temperatures, herbs, such as sage leaf, black cohosh root and peppermint leaf, are ideal in correcting the menopausal symptoms associated with a hormonal imbalance.   Minty fresh, peppermint regulates the hormones, promoting mental strength, and most importantly, feeling great!  Sage leaf has antioxidant properties to aid night sweats, hot flashes, and mood swings.  Black cohosh root complements peppermint and sage to reduce pain levels, lift energy levels, and impact vaginal dryness. 

Each bag contains 2.5 ounces of loose, non-caffeinated tea.

Directions:  For best mixture of the herbs,  it's best to transfer to a glass Mason jar and shake before scooping out the necessary loose herbs!  Place two teaspoons of tea in 12 ounces of boiling water, cover; then simmer over medium heat for 10 minutes.  To boost the strength, add an additional half to one full teaspoon extra, and allow to steep for five minutes.  Refrigerate batches, consuming within three to four days! Divide and drink one cup up to three times daily!

Organic Ingredients:  Peppermint leaf, sage leaf, black cohosh root

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