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Hawthorn Leaf Tincture- Open-Hearted Well Being

Hawthorn Leaf Tincture- Open-Hearted Well Being

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Known as the "premier-herb" to treat heart-related illness and conditions.  Hawthorn leaf and flowers are often used on an ongoing basis for patients recuperating from heart surgery or treating degenerative heart diseases, which include arteriosclerosis, weakness of the heart muscle, and irregular heart beats.  The herb regulates blood pressure and promotes open-hearted well being. 

DIRECTIONS:   Contained in the two-ounce bottle is a dropper to aid in measuring out the drops recommended.  KL Landing's therapy tinctures are quite potent; therefore, it is recommended to begin your daily regime at 15 drops, diluted in a cup of water.  The result will be the same!

WARNINGS:  Hawthorn should NOT be taken in conjunction with any pharmaceutical heart medications. 

INGREDIENTS:  Hawthorn aerial parts, Vodka, Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin (1:5 50% alcohol, 40% distilled water, 10% vegetable glycerin) 

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