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Goddess- Mind, Body, & Spirit- Black Tea

Goddess- Mind, Body, & Spirit- Black Tea

3.9 oz

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Packed with antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, and volatile oils, Goddess Tea is good for you from head to toe! Spearmint leaf is ideal for the digestive and nervous systems. Black tea, although a true tea that adds caffeine, is known for wakefulness and boosting energy levels.  Nettle leaf, oat straw, & rosehip strengthens the immune system and detoxify the body while reducing inflammation and easing pain levels. Oat straw also helps the goddess’ brain, aiding memory and concentration levels.  Tulsi protects metabolic conditions—like blood glucose (sugar) in diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure.  Tea lovers seeking a minty, refreshing flavor can enjoy this beneficial tea daily.  

Resealable bag contains 3.6 ounces. (Recommendation- transfer loose tea into a Mason jar.  Shake to ensure even distribution of herbs!

DIRECTIONS:  Steep 1.5 tablespoon per (8 fl oz) boiled hot water, covered, for 15 to 20 minutes—any longer, and you risk your tea becoming bitter and overly stringent. Drink one to three cups daily.

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