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Eleuthero Tincture, Stress, Immunity, & Energy Booster

Eleuthero Tincture, Stress, Immunity, & Energy Booster

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In the 1940's Russian scientists created the "swim test" to determine whether eleuthero could boost the performance of athletes.  While it helped the body cope with stress, it increased endurance levels, performance, and stimulated the brain to improve concentration levels.  From astronauts to secretaries, eleuthero resulted in accuracy, brain function, and great health.  As an adaptogen (helping the body adapt to stress levels) and immune amphoteric (bolsters and balances the immune system), consider consuming the herb in short term spans, preferably two weeks. 

Tincture contained in a two-ounce, dropper bottle, lasting approximately six weeks.

WARNINGS:  Insomnia and agitation can occur at higher doses; therefore, only use the recommended dosage.

DIRECTIONS:  Stir 30 to 60 drops in one cup of water, and consume up to twice daily.  Consuming herbs before bed offers a powerful solution to bolster the body's immune system.

INGREDIENTS:  Eleuthero root, vodka, and distilled water (1:5, 50% Alcohol/Water)

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