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Eczema Synergy Tincture

Eczema Synergy Tincture

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Eighty percent of the world's population use herbal extracts or plant matter to treat all kinds of health challenges.  Suffering from inflammation on the exterior body begins with treating the inside.  Too often, patches of dry and irritable skin begins with a need to detoxify the liver and kidneys.  Fortunately, a fast working extraction emphasizing eczema and other skin outbreaks benefit from the synergy of the following three organic herbs.  Cleavers leaves, often referred as sweet wood-ruff or catch weed, removes waste and toxic substances from the body, improving skin tone.   While ideal as a natural allergy remedy and proven to benefit urinary, and bone heath, stinging nettle leaves also has antihistamine and anti-inflammatory qualities to successfully treat eczema.   Lastly, German chamomile flowers has potent anti-inflammatory properties to reduce and heal the symptoms of skin irritations. 

The extraction comes in a two-ounce dropper bottle for accommodating use.

DIRECTIONS: Allowing the body to heal, begin with four drops under the tongue or placed in a cup of water.  The miracle occurs if taken consistently each night before bed!   Do not exceed 15 drops!

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