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Cool Down Tea

Cool Down Tea

3.0 oz

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Whether the issue is a hormonal imbalance resulting in hot flashes day or nigh, cooling herbs are a great summer solution! Hibiscus leaf and marshmallow root relieve inflamed tissues, providing energy.   Chamomile flowers, additionally, help inflammation, while easing pain levels.   Ideal for fevers, linden leaf has multi-purposes,  like all medicinal herbs.  It helps bolster the immune and respiratory systems, relieving a wide range of symptoms.  Lastly, comfrey root is a complimentary herb, offering nutrients, especially antioxidants, the body needs to attain wellness and balance!  Hibiscus infusion carries the flavor, balancing a herbal sweetness with each sip. 

Each bag contains 2.7 ounces of loose herbs! 

DIRECTIONS:  Steep two teaspoons in 12 ounces of boiling water, covered, for ten minutes. Consider making a large batch, refrigerate, and drink one to three cups daily, cold!  Transfer the contents to a Mason jar and shake before using!  Store in a cool, dark location.

ORGANIC HERBS: hibiscus leaf, marshmallow root, chamomile flowers, linden leaf, comfrey root

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