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Cardiovascular Support & Cholesterol Management Tincture

Cardiovascular Support & Cholesterol Management Tincture

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Plants and herbs have always been a common source of medications.  Through the extraction, creating a solution of alcohol and distilled water, offer a pure tonic called a tincture.  Cardiovascular Support & Cholesterol Management comprise herbs that aim to keep the heart's muscles protected.  Hawthorn berries directly impact the cells of the heart while ashwagandha stimulates circulation.  Yarrow, a unique herb, serves as an anti-inflammatory, an antispasmodic, and has microbial properties, controlling the blood flow while protecting against infections.  

INGREDIENTS:  Hawthorn berries, flowers, ashwagandha, olive leaf, and yarrow flowers.

Herbs have energies, boosting heat to warm and dry to cool and moistening.  The mixture is neutral, appropriate for all.  

DIRECTIONS:  Add 15 to 30 drops of tincture to a cup of water, drinking twice to three times daily. 

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