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Adrenal & Anxiety Tincture- Mood, Physical Tension, Panic Attacks, Hormone Balance, Well-Being

Adrenal & Anxiety Tincture- Mood, Physical Tension, Panic Attacks, Hormone Balance, Well-Being

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Adrenal fatigue is not a medical diagnosis; however, the hormonal imbalances result in a list of symptoms.  The first phase of three begins with body aches and weakness, unfocused attention, irritability, and heightened stress levels.  Without balance, the body can delve into severe pain in the lower back and legs.  The severe abdominal pain leads to vomiting, and diarrhea.  

The Adrenal & Anxiety Tincture's formula comprises four ingredients:  Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi, is an adaptogenic herb which helps regulate the cortisol levels in the central nervous system.  Additionally, Tulsi fosters a balance of energy levels, concentration, focus, and digestive upset.  Valerian root. known to aid sleep disorders, also works on calming anxiety, stress, nervousness, and fatigue while the mind rests.  Skullcap alleviates common discomforts, helping the body to relax.  The rich source of minerals supports the body and a healthy nervous system.  Getting a full night’s sleep without disruption is crucial towards healing.  Passionflower offers the gift as a potent sedative the gift to regulate a sleep schedule and cycle. 

DIRECTIONS:  Before bed, take 30 drops, one dropper, in a small quantity of cool liquid, such as juice or water.  Do not exceed 60 drops in one day.  Consistency will provide the outcome you desire.  A two ounce bottle lasts approximately six weeks.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS:  Holy Basil leaf, Skullcap leaf, Valerian root, Passionflower

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