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Inflammation and Pain Relief Tea

Inflammation and Pain Relief Tea

4.1 oz

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Many over-the-counter medications contain medicinal herbs. White willow bark and birch bark's main components are salicylic acids, the key ingredient of aspirin. Birch bark has a flavor similar to wintergreen, creating a nice flavor and eliminating the harshness aspirin often has on the stomach.

The sealable bag contains 3 ounces of loose tea.

WARNINGS: Inflammation and Pain Relief Tea should not be used LONG-TERM, a maximum of 14 days. Not recommended for younger than 18 or breastfeeding and pregnant women. The ingredients possess a mild-blood thinning effect; please consult your physician before use.

DIRECTIONS: Pour two cups of boiling water over three tablespoons of loose tea; steep for 20 minutes or longer. Drink up to two cups throughout the day to help numb acute pain and reduce inflammation.

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